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Directions for Use

Apply bolus or boluses (use correct capsule for animal type and size being treated) orally using the correct Time Capsule applicator gun.
Re-treat at 4* weekly (for cattle) or 6 weekly (sheep) intervals as required.

* For cattle: repeat dose at 4 weekly intervals while facial eczema risk is high or at 5 week intervals if risk is low.
For correct usage - match bolus size to liveweight of stock:

Bolus Size Zinc Oxide Liveweight Units/Box
Lambs 43g 20-40kg 48
Adult Sheep 67g 40-70kg 36
Cattle 90-130kg 63g 90-130kg 36
Cattle 90-130kg 43g 130-175kg 24
Cattle 175-250kg 143g 175-250kg 18
Cattle 250-400kg 232g 250-400kg 12
Cattle 400-600kg 365g 400-600kg 8


For larger cattle two Time Capsules can be used in combination to provide protection for larger weight ranges as follows:

2 x 250-400kg capsules   500-800kg  

Important Notes

  • Zinc can be toxic if given at higher than recommended rates for the prevention of facial eczema and/or for prolonged periods of time
  • The copper, selenium and calcium status of animals should be assessed at the completion of zinc treatment
  • DO NOT use at times other than the facial eczema risk period
  • DO NOT use damaged capsules

Product Description

A bolus made of zinc oxide and release agents coated in beeswax.
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, Nos A6275, A7600, A7763, A7931, A9006, and A10875.
For registration details, see

Administering The Time Capsule

By following a few simple steps and with practice, administering The Time Capsule is no more difficult than drenching, and of course you don’t have to do it so often.

To help with administration: 

  1. Take your time to become accustomed to the technique and read the instructions carefully
  2. Check that the applicator head is free of any damage
  3. Keep animals off feed for at least 2 hours before to reduce rumen pressure
  4. Have your animals as stress-free as possible
  5. Well set up yards and handling facilities will make the job a lot easier
  6. Take your time to do the job properly
  7. Hold the animal's head straight front and steady, raise the chin, slide the applicator in from the side of the mouth and direct the capsule over the back of the tongue
  8. Wait for a few seconds to ensure the bolus has been swallowed successfully

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