The Time Capsule

Proven prevention of facial eczema The Facial Eczema (FE) season can be unpredictable. Facial Eczema is not curable but it is preventable and The Time Capsule is an effective and proven method for preventing FE.


Centramax sheep capsules provides protection against internal parasites in sheep for 100 days.

Centramax sheep capsules protects against internal parasites in sheep for 100 days.


Creating healthy futures for New Zealand farms.

Agritrade is the distributor for Nexan's Vetmed animal health products. “Nexan is a New Zealand owned leading animal health developer, manufacturer and marketer that’s creating healthy futures for New Zealand farms.” Vetmed products are available for purchase through your local Vet Practice or PGG Wrightson rural supply store. For more information about the Vetmed product range contact your Agritrade Territory Manager or visit


Designed for New Zealand to help Kiwi farms thrive. The Active+ drench range is designed and manufactured by Nexan Ltd, located in the North Island of New Zealand. With more than 60 years’ combined experience in the animal health industry, they understand the local agricultural environment and are committed to developing products specific for New Zealand farms.

Pryde’s EasiFeed®

Improving the equine world through nutrition, support and education. Pryde’s EasiFeed is a family owned, equine only feed business located on the beautiful Liverpool Plains of Australia. Available throughout Australia, NZ and Asia, Pryde’s have been nourishing horses with their feeds since 1986 using top of the range technology to deliver high quality extruded and pelleted feeds.


Gusto range of calf milk replacers

The Gusto range of calf milk replacers have been formulated for New Zealand conditions using dairy based ingredients. Intensive monitoring and analysis of ingredients, manufacturing process and finished product ensure Gusto’s concentrated calf milk replacers are a consistent product with excellent solubility characteristics, providing high digestibility and utilisation by the pre-ruminant calf.