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We can make trading with Agritrade and Aquaspec easier by helping you to open an account. View our Application Forms and Terms of Trade below.


Terms of Trade Changes

Our Customer Terms of Trade are being updated on 1 September 2022

Most businesses update their customer terms from time to time. With new law coming over the next few months, we think this is the right time to update wording in our Customer Terms of Trade.

What are the changes?

The changes are intended to benefit you, as our valued customer. Most of these changes simply reflect the way we are already doing business with you. We have made it clear that you have the same rights as us in places. We have removed some older wording that gave Agritrade and Aquaspec unilateral rights.

Clause 3.2

We have deleted older wording that required you to accept less product than the amount you ordered if our supplier could not provide the ordered amount, except where products are custom made or quoted by us. We have also updated our terms relating to quotes to reflect our current practices.You still have the same rights to return products, while the wording has been made clearer.

Clause 4.1

Our terms are now clear that we will make reasonable attempts to contact you before we write off small credit balances from accounts for administration efficiency, which is what we always did anyway.

Clause 11.2

Our terms have always limited our liability, now they limit your liability as well. This is because most of the time, all we want is to be paid for the products we sell to you, so we don’t need our customers to have uncapped liability. We can still charge late payment interest and recover our losses from you if you cause a third party to claim against us. Also, you now have a year to raise any claim with us.

Clause 14.13

You can now suspend your obligations under the terms where certain events beyond your control happen. Note, a lack of funds does not qualify as an event beyond someone’s control.

There are other changes in the document, made for clarity. A copy of the updated Customer Terms of Trade can be found below.

If you are an Agritrade customer, please refer to the Agritrade Customer Terms of Trade.

If you are an Aquaspec customer, please refer to the Aquaspec Customer Terms of Trade. 

Account Application Form

Download an Account Application Form today.

If you wish to be an Agritrade customer, please use the Agritrade Account Application Form. If you wish to be an Aquaspec customer, please use the Aquaspec Account Application Form. 

View our Guidelines for Signing Documents with an Electronic Signature.

Please note interest will be charged on overdue accounts. Should you become aware of any reason why a payment may be late, please contact us on 0800 333 855. It is our aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible and work with you to minimise any disruption to your business.

The current rate for default interest is 1.75% per month (21.5% per annum).

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