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Brexil Range

Specifically formulated for the cure and prevention of micro element deficiencies through foliar application. Brexil is safe for early treatments and mixable with most common pesticides. Brexil Micronutrients are complexed with LSA (Ammonium Lignin Sulphonate), a substance of natural origins. Thanks to this advanced LSA technology, Brexil is absorbed faster and more safely through the leaves surface, maximising and prolonging the nutrient uptake. 

Available mixes: Calcium LSA, Duo LSA, Iron LSA, Magnesium LSA, Manganese LSA, Mix LSA, Multi LSA & Zinc LSA.

Pack sizes: 5kg


    LSA Complexation, fast and efficient bioavailability of the element being applied. Safer to the crop and less risk of phototoxicity. 


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