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Centramax sheep capsules protects against internal parasites in sheep for up to 100 days.

  • Winged capsule helps prevent regurgitation  
  • Effective against susceptible gastrointestinal worms
  • Cobalt and selenium aids in supplementation of important minerals to boost levels in ewes and lambs
  • Designed and developed in New Zealand by Nexan

Active Ingredients: 160mg abamectin and 4.68g albendazole per capsule. Also contains: 120mg cobalt and 24mg selenium per capsule

Pack size: 100x capsules

Origin: New Zealand



    • Winged capsule helps prevent regurgitation   

    • Effective against susceptible gastrointestinal worms 

    • Cobalt and selenium aids in supplementation of important minerals to boost levels in ewes and lambs  

    • Designed and developed in New Zealand by Nexan 



    “Centramax is ideal for picking up any ewes under pressure.”

    Targeting lighter and twinning ewes with Centramax sheep capsules has consistently resulted in those ewes coming out ahead of the others post lambing, says sheep and beef farmer Joe Hintz. He’s been using Centramax every year for six years.

    Joe owns 1500 ha at Gladstone in the Wairarapa. Of 13,000 stock units, he has 8,000 sheep. He describes one block as being ‘early country’ – dry at the start of December – which means getting bodyweight back in the ewes as quickly as possible post-weaning is important.

    “The Centramax capsule is generally the only animal health product we use on the ewes” says Joe.

    “It’s a good product, easy to use, cost-effective and reliable.”

    Joe notes that he doesn’t ‘capsule’ every animal, just those with lighter body condition and those carrying twins.

    “Centramax is ideal for picking up any ewes under pressure. We’re aiming for a better conditioned ewe through lambing, also ensuring they are heading back to the ram strong and healthy.”

    Year after year, the results are good.

    “We see increased bodyweights in the treated ewes at lambing and again post-weaning – they tend to be 2-3kg ahead of the rest” confirms Joe.

    “There is a correlation between these mothers and their lambs weaning at better bodyweights, too.”

    Centramax capsules should remain effective for at least 100 days. Joe can attest to this being the case. “We have done faecal testing – at 100 days the Centramax still had a pretty effective kill rate, it wasn’t tailing off” he says. “Centramax definitely seems to do what we ask of it.”

    The intra-ruminal capsule contains 11 tablets, each with two anthelmintics, abamectin and albendazole and two minerals, cobalt and selenium.

    Deficiencies in the trace elements selenium and cobalt are common in many regions of New Zealand with negative effects on livestock production and health. Supplementation using a long-acting source is well documented as beneficial to both ewes and lambs.

    Contact your local rural supplies store or vet to learn more about Centramax.

    Joe Hintz, Wairarapa


    “Centramax is just as good, if not better than other drench products on the market." 

    “We don’t use primer or exit drench. The Centramax capsule kicks in pretty quickly. The ewes definitely utilise their feed better once the capsules take effect. BCS holds well and even increases through to weaning, which is amazing”.

    “Centramax is a great tool. One capsule does everything for us. I highly recommend it for lifting product cost-effectively”.

    Paul Eason, Otago


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