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YieldOn is a biostimulant able to increase row crops productivity by modulating the plants cell metabolism, division and expansion while improving the transport of sugars and nutrients.
A new combination of extracts from three distinct families of plants and seaweeds was identified using genomic science. These were then enriched with trace elements Mn, Zn and Mo to maximise the performance of the product. Valagro carried out gene expression and plant phenomics' analyses followed by field-trials to isolate the physiological effect of YieldOn on different model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana, maize and soybean).
Using the latest “Next Generation Sequencing Technology” we accurately detected all expressed genes, for agronomically relevant crops like corn and soybean.

Pack size: 10L

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    Increases row crop productivity, higher return for farmers and good miscibility with other products.


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