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Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG)

MPG is a free flowing liquid ideal for drenching cattle after calving. MPG can be mixed with Hyfat and molasses to provide a starter drench for cattle. MPG can be used to both prevent and treat ketosis. MPG has also been used successfully to improve submission rates in cows that calved in poor condition.

Pack Size: 5L,20L,200L
Origin: Japan

    Feeding Directions


    Dairy Cows

    • 50 - 300 mL per day

    Other use

    • As part of a starter drench up to 300L cow/day for 5 days

    Important Notes


    • Do not exceed more than 400 mL of MPG per adult dairy cow as a single drench.
    • Take care with the drenching of large volumes of MPG if the animal has a reduced or absence of swallowing reflex.
    • A large number of animals with either pregnancy toxaemia or ketosis indicate a serious nutritional problem. Consult a veterinarian and / or nutrition professional for advice in this regard.

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