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Plantafol Range

The Plantafol® line consists of foliar fertilisers based on high solubility and rapid and complete absorption into the leaves. All products contain trace elements chelated with EDTA and can be mixed with most common pesticides.

The Plantafol® line offers several solutions based on different levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, able to:

  • support the vegetative and productive stages of crops
  • ensure high quality and quantity of production

Available mixes: NPK 0.25.50, NPK 10.54.10, NPK 20.20.20, NPK 30.10.10 & NPK 5.15.45

Pack size: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg 


    0.25.50 has no nitrogen allowing fruit/vegetable development without unnecessary leaf growth. Elevated purity and solubility. Enriched with trace elements chelated with EDTA. Suitable for any crop stage.


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