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Micro NP

Micro NP is ideal for application at sowing or transplanting crop and promotes the initial growth of seedlings, even in unfavourable environmental conditions. Enables simplified cultivation operations with less handling of bulk fertilisers.

MICRO NP is specially designed to provide a “STARTER” effect to crops, providing enough nutrition to establish the seedling without any wasted nutrients. This provides a strong and vigorous start for the seedling and improves the outcome of field crops.

Popular in New Zealand on:

  • Wheat, Oats and Barley
  • Corn/Maize/Peas and Lucerne
  • Fodder beet and forage brassica
  • Sunflower and Rape seed
  • Re-grassing

Pack size: 10kg, 25kg 

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    Micro Granule gives an average of 350 granules around each roots zone. This allows roots to easily find the highly available Phosphorus (P). The P is available even in high and low pH soils (Al or Fe Phosphate), or situations that commonly lock up the available P into insoluble salts, tri or bi calcium phosphates.


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