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Supplies molybdenum to improve the use of nitrogen or its fixation in legumes. Molybdenum accelerates the transformation of nitrogen in plants into organic products (amino acids and proteins) and promotes symbiotic fixation of nitrogen in legumes.

The use of molybdenum is important:

  • Pre-flowering on certain grape varieties to improve flowering and fruit set for reducing the content of nitrates in all short cycle and winter vegetables (mainly salads, spinach, chard);
  • To facilitate symbiotic fixation of nitrogen in legumes;
  • For preventing and treating molybdenum deficiencies on particularly sensitive crops (e.g. Cucurbits). 

Pack size: 1L

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    Delivers Molybdenum thus improving nitrogen use. Cures and prevents Molybdenum deficiencies, reduces nitrates in salad greens.


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