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RETROSAL® is an innovative biostimulant that improves plant growth on saline soils. Thanks to the innovative Geapower technology (GEA216) the formula of RETROSAL® has been enhanced, obtaining the right solution to help plants remain vigorous and to attain excellent yields even under high salinity stress conditions, by restoring plant health and water retention levels. RETROSAL® is enriched with Calcium and specific active ingredients, that act to counter Na displacement and improve physical and chemical soil conditions.
We carried out an “omics” approach to characterise the physiological effect of RETROSAL® using different model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana and lettuce). The results have shown that the application of RETROSAL® under salinity stress activates genes/pathways involved in osmotic adjustment and synthesis of compatible solutes to tolerate salinity stress condition.

Pack size: 10L, 20L

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    Helps in sodic and salinity situations. Improved plant growth even when the Salinity cannot be flushed.


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