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The Time Capsule is a consistent release bolus, allowing a daily dose of zinc to be released into the rumen to protect animals against Facial Eczema for 4 weeks in cattle* and 6 weeks in sheep. It leaves no residue and is safe.

*For cattle: repeat dose at 4 weekly intervals while facial eczema risk is high or at 5 week intervals if risk is low.
One dose = 4 – 6 weeks protection against Facial Eczema

Stock LWT Units/box
Lambs (43g ZnO) 25-40kg 48
Adult Sheep
(67g ZnO)
40-70kg 36
Cattle (63g ZnO)                
90-130kg 36
Cattle (98g ZnO)
130-175kg 24
Cattle (143g ZnO)
175-250kg 18
Cattle (232g ZnO)
250-400kg     12
Cattle (365g ZnO)                
400-600kg 8

For larger cattle two Time Capsules can be used in combination to provide protection:

2 x 250-400kg Cattle
500-800kg LWT