The Time CapsuleĀ®

Proven prevention against facial eczema

The Facial Eczema (FE) season can be unpredictable. Facial Eczema is not curable but it is preventable and The Time Capsule is an effective and proven method for preventing FE.

In a 2019 NZ trial approved by an animal ethics committee, conducted by an independent research company, The Time Capsule was tested using serum zinc concentration* in cattle.

The trial showed that: 

  • The Time Capsule protected** 100% of animals at first sampling one week after treatment; and
  • The Time Capsule continued to give consistent protection for the length of the trial. 

The reasons for The Time Capsule's excellent performance is our New Zealand-made, tested and proven formula and our consistent dissolving technology. This together with our range of weight specific dose sizes, makes it convenient to dose your animals. 

 *Serum Zinc concentration is a recognised method for reliably proving effective facial eczema protection levels.
**For zinc oxide products, such as The Time Capsule, serum zinc concentration greater than or equal to 18μmol/L are considered to provide protection against facial eczema.


Key Benefits and Features of The Time Capsule 


  • Consistent dissolving zinc bolus, using zinc oxide for facial eczema (FE prevention).
  • Made, tested and proven in New Zealand.
  • The bolus leaves no residue, is safe, cost effective and easy to us.
  • Approved double bolus application for cattle up to 800kg liveweight.
  • Both product and packaging are 100% biodegradable.


  • Stock are ensured of a consistent daily dose of zinc with no reliance on consistent water intakes to get adequate zinc protection.
  • Requires one bolus per animal that releases a consistent daily dose of zinc oxide to protect animals against FE for up to 4 weeks in cattle and 6 weeks in sheep. 
  • Reliable, easy to use product that has been used by farmers for over 20 years.