The Time CapsuleĀ®

Proven prevention against facial eczema
The Facial Eczema (FE) season can be unpredictable. Facial Eczema is not curable but it is preventable and the Time Capsule is the most effective and proven method for preventing FE.

Key Benefits

  • Stock are ensured of a consistent daily dose of zinc with no reliance on consistent water intakes to get adequate zinc protection
  • No need to drench zinc daily – stock are protected from FE for 4 weeks in cattle and 6 weeks in sheep
  • Reliable, easy to use product that has been used by farmers for over 20 years
  • Applied when the pasture spore counts are rising, it’s the most effective and proven method for preventing FE

Key Features

  • Slow release zinc bolus that gives long term protection in sheep and cattle (4 weeks in cattle, 6 weeks in sheep)
  • Developed in New Zealand by AgResearch for New Zealand conditions
  • Manufactured in New Zealand with extensive safety and effectiveness trials
  • Approved double bolus application for cattle up to 800kg liveweight
  • The bolus leaves no residue, is safe, cost effective and easy to use
  • Both product and packaging are 100% biodegradable.