Animal Health


Designed for New Zealand to help Kiwi farms thrive.
The Active+ drench range is designed and manufactured by Nexan Ltd, located in the North Island of New Zealand. With more than 60 years’ combined experience in the animal health industry, they understand the local agricultural environment and are committed to developing products specific for New Zealand farms.

Cervidae Oral

Low dose Triple combination drench for deer.

The Time Capsule®

The Facial Eczema (FE) season can be unpredictable. Facial Eczema is not curable but it is preventable and the Time Capsule is an effective and proven method for preventing FE.


Sheep Capsules
Centramax sheep capsules provides protection against internal parasites in sheep for up to 100 days.


Agritrade is the distributor for Nexan's Vetmed animal health products.