Active+ Treble iTape

Active+ Treble iTape

Oral Drench

Quad combination - For the treatment and control of Tapeworm and internal parasites in sheep including those with single or dual resistance to Avermectin/Milbemycin, Benzimidazole or Levamisole/Morantel families.

Active Ingredients: 1g/L Ivermectin, 40g/L Levamisole HCL, 22.7g/L Oxfendazole, 18.8g/L Praziquantel with 0.5g/L Selenium & 2.2g/L Cobalt.


  • Convenient 1ml/5kg dose rate.
  • For the management of Tapeworm and internal parasites in sheep.
  • Quad combination oral drench for sheep.
  • Aids in the supplementation of Selenium and Cobalt.
  • Ideal lamb drench contains Ivermectin in a quad combination.
Pack Size: 5L,10L,20L
Origin: New Zealand


ACVM Act 1997 No. A011498.