Active+ ABA

Active+ ABA

Pour-On Drench

Active Ingredient: 10 g/L Abamectin.

Fast acting, broad-spectrum treatment & control of internal & external parasites of cattle.


  • Improves milk production* and has a nil milk withholding period.
  • Convenient pour-on application.
  • Broad-spectrum activity.
  • Effective against sucking and biting lice (Damalinia bovis, Linognathus vituli).
  • Effective against lungworm (adult and immaturely Dictyocaulus viviparus).

* INCREASED MILK PRODUCTION - Increases milk production in grazing dairy cows. Data has shown that milk production increases when cows or heifers infected with gastrointestinal nematode parasites are treated with an effective anthelmintic.

Pack Size: 5L,20L
Origin: New Zealand


ACVM Act 1997 No. A011493.