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Gusto-V-Whey is a whey based milk replacer formulated for New Zealand conditions. The product has excellent solubility characteristics. Ingredients have been selected to provide a consistent product with high digestibility and utilisation by the pre-ruminant calf. Intensive monitoring and analysis of ingredients, manufacturing process and finished product underpin the consistent quality as part of the GMP+ quality assurance system, which include HAACP.

Pack Size: 20kg

    Recommended use


    Mixing Recommendations
    • 125-150 g per litre, (i.e. add 1 kg Gusto-V-Whey powder to 6-7 litres of water).
    • Add the required amount of powder to half the volume of hot water (50-55°C) under continuous mixing for at least a minute. Add more water until the total amount of calf milk required is reached.
    • Check the milk is fed at 38-40°C (optimum drinking temperature).
    • Gusto-V-Whey also works well in Automated Calf Feeders.

    Feeding recommendations


    Gusto V-Whey can be used successfully in many different calf feeding programmes for calves over 4 days of age, as long as the calf rearer adheres to the basic principles of good calf rearing (colostrum, hygiene, clean water, dry bedding , comfort etc.).

    As a general rule, calves should be fed at least 10% of their body weight of Gusto-V-Whey each day. E.g. A 50 kg calf would receive 2 x 2.5 litres with 125 g/liter, i.e. 625 grams of Gusto-V-Whey/day.

    In practice under good management and in Once A Day systems Gusto-V-whey can be fed in more concentrated form up to 250 g/litre. 

    Find below an example of a Twice A Day (TAD) and Once A Day (OAD) systems and quantities milk replacer used

     System:  Twice A Day  Once A Day
     Age (days)  # Feeds/day Litres/Feed Grams/Litre # Feeds/day Litres/Feed Grams/Litre
     1-4  2  2  Colostrum*  2  2  Colostrum*
     5-14  2  2  125  2  2  125
     15-28  2  2.5  125  1  2.5  250
     29-weaning  2  2.5  125-150  1  2.5-3  250

    Important notes


    • Always ensure fresh, clean water and a 20% crude protein calf starter is available at all times
    • The upper range of concentration (grams/litre) or volume can be used for faster growing calves (e.g. Friesian versus Jersey)

    Whey powder, Vegetable oil (Palm, Coco, Rape, Soya), Skimmed-milk powder, Lactose, Hydrolised Wheat Protein, Soyprotein Isolate  

     Typical Analysis  Micro-ingredients (added per kg)
     Crude protein  23%  Vitamin A   25,000 IU
     Crude fat    20%  Vitamin D3   4,000 IU
     Crude fibre   0.1%  Vitamin E   90 mg
     Crude ash max  9.5%    
         Flavour and herbs:  
      Probiotics:    Herbal Essential Oils  1,000 mg/k
     Calcium (Ca)  1.2%    
     Phosphorus (P)  0.9%  Organic Acids (Preservative):
     E1700   Bioplus YC: 1,280 MFCU  Calcium formiate & Citric Acid   
     (Bacillus Subtilus and Licheniformis)