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Gusto V-Gold

Gusto V-Gold is a concentrated milk replacer formulated for New Zealand conditions using dairy casein based ingredients. The product has excellent solubility characteristics. Ingredients have been selected to provide a consistent product with high digestibility and utilisation by the pre-ruminant calf. Intensive monitoring and analysis of ingredients, manufacturing process and finished product underpin the consistent quality as part of the GMP+ quality assurance system, which include HAACP.

Pack Size: 20kg

    Recommended use


    Mixing Recommendations
    • Add 125 to 150 g per litre, for example add 1 kg Gusto V-Gold powder to 6 to 7 litres of water:
    • Add the required amount of powder to half the volume of hot water (50 to 55 °C) under continuous mixing for at least a minute. Add more water until the total amount of calf milk required is reached. For example, a 20 kg bag mixed at 150 grams per litre would make 133 litres of calf milk.
    • Check the milk is fed at 38 to 40 °C (optimum drinking temperature)
    • Weighing the amount of milk replacer is the most accurate method, as using volume (for example, scoops) can mislead.
    • In the first weeks of life, the size of the abomasum limits the volume (litres) the calf can handle per feed. Too large a volume can overflow over in the rumen which leads to undesirable fermentation as opposed to digestion in the abomasum. 
    • Many different feeding programmes can work under good management. 

    Feeding recommendations


    Gusto V-Gold can be used successfully in many different calf feeding programmes for calves over four days of age, as long as the calf rearer adheres to the basic principles of good calf rearing (colostrum, hygiene, clean water, dry bedding and comfort).

    Ensure the calves are receiving a minimum of 600 grams CMR/head/day and increase gradually to 700 to 900 grams CMR/head/day depending on calf type, growth targets and weather conditions. For example, when a 40 to 50 kg calf receives 2 X 2 litres with 150 g per litre it receives 600 grams of Gusto V-Gold per day.

    Under good management and mixing practices, Gusto V-Gold can be fed in more concentrated form up to a maximum of 250 grams per litre. 

    Find below an example feeding programme for a Twice A Day (TAD) and Once A Day (OAD) system.

      Twice A Day Once A Day 
     Age (days)  # Feeds/day Litres/Feed  Grams/Litre  # Feeds/day Litres/Feed Grams/Litre
     1-4  2  2  Colostrum*  2  2  Colostrum
     5-14  2  2  150  2  2  150
     15-28  2  2.5  150  1  2.5  250
     29-weaning  2  2.5-3  150  1  2.5-3  250

    Important notes


    • Ensure Colostrum, i.e. the first milking of an older cow, is fed for the first day of the calf’s life.
    • Always ensure fresh, clean water and a 20% crude protein calf starter is available at all times.
    • The upper range of concentration (grams/litre) or volume can be used for faster growing calves

    Selected from: Whole milk powder, skimmed-milk powder, lactose, vegetable oil (palm, coco, rape), whey powder.

     Typical Analysis  Micro-ingredients (added per kg)
     Crude protein  26 %  Vitamin A   25,000 IU
     Crude fat    20 %  Vitamin D3   4,000 IU
     Crude fibre   0.0%  Vitamin E   90 mg
     Crude ash max  8.0 %    
     Calcium (Ca)    0.67 %  Probiotics:  
     Phosphorus (P)  0.54 %  E1700   Bioplus YC: 1,280 MFCU
         (Bacillus Subtilus and Licheniformis)
     Flavour and herbs: Herbal Essential Oils 1,000 mg/kg