Pasture Renewal with Roundup ULTRA®MAX

Farmers are working harder than ever before, with less hands doing more work. Technology is helping maintain productivity, but as always, timing in agriculture is critical, so graziers and growers turn to products they can trust. Backed by extensive research and development, Roundup ULTRA® MAX offers the technology edge demanded by today’s growers and producers.

Recommended Rates

for spraying-out Perennial Ryegrass

Roundup ULTRA MAX: Ensure plants are actively growing and have at least 5-10cm of green leaf. Use Roundup ULTRA MAX at a rate of 2.5 L/ha (Boom), 625 mL/100 L (Handgun), or 63 mL/10 L (Knapsack).

Water: The recommended water rate for Roundup ULTRA MAX is 100-200 L/ha.

Adjuvants: The addition of Pulse® or Slikka® penetrants can assist with spraying-out Perennial Ryegrass. Use at a rate of 100 mL/100 L for boom and handgun applications, or 10 mL/10 L for knapsack sprayers.


Boom: Flat fan, wide angle nozzles (e.g. 110°) using pressures of 200-280 kPa are preferred for boom application. Set boom height to ensure a double overlap of the spray pattern at the top of the weed canopy. Apply in 100-200 L of clean water per hectare.

Handgun/knapsack: For knapsack or handgun applications, adjust equipment to apply a fine spray. Use the minimum spray volume necessary to achieve uniform and complete coverage. Handgun spraying pressures of 1,000-2,000 kPa and No. 4 to No. 6 spray tips are recommended.