Roundup ULTRA® MAX


Farmers are working harder than ever before, with less hands doing more work. Technology is helping maintain productivity, but as always, timing in agriculture is critical, so graziers and growers turn to products they can trust. Backed by extensive research and development, Roundup ULTRA MAX offers the technological edge demanded by today’s growers.



  • Offers the widest range of tank mix options and compatibilities, provides the flexibility to control a broad spectrum of weeds in one pass.
  • Commercial 20 minute rainfast offer*.
  • Rapid Uptake and brownout
  • Flexible paddock management
  • This powerful formulation provides complete control of tough weeds, less weed escapes, cleaner paddocks and few drums required.


  • 570g/L glyphosate present as the potassium salt
  • Proprietory surfactant system: The powerful surfactant system in Roundup ULTRA MAX delivers faster translocation to the roots, leading to faster brownout.
  • Higher manufacturing standards than regulations require, and tough test protocols relating to stability, consistency and surfactant, ensure you get  the highest quality every time.