Prydes Easifeed

150 Essentials

Balancer Pellet
A vitamin and mineral balancer pellet. Fills the deficiencies in grass or ideal if not feeding recommended rates of one of the complete feeds.

BioMare Cubes

Breeding/Growing feeds: Extruded cube
High quality complete feed for breeding and growing horses (e.g. broodmares, weanlings, yearlings, stallions)

Easi Off-the-Track

A complete feed for racehorses that have come off the track and are being rehabiliated and retrained into sporthorse work. Cool, calm calories, and vitamins and minerals for a healthy gut.


Breeding, growing horse feed: Pellet
An economical solution for the complete nutrition of breeding and growing horses.


Extruded cube
A highly conditioning extruded feed for building weight and muscle.

EasiFibre Pellets

Breeding, growing and working horse feeds: Fibre Pellet
Fibre pellet to add cool calories and extra protein to diet. Non fortifified with vitamins and minerals


Extruded cube
A great middle-ground feed. Some calories but without too much energy. Balanced at a lower rate for horses that need some energy but don’t need a lot of feed to hold weight.


Balancer Pellet
A 2-in-1 vitamin and mineral balancer, plus hoof supplement for horses prone to laminitis.


Coat shine and cool calories fo performance or weight gain. Top quality cold pressed canola oil.


Working horse feeds: Extruded Sweetfeed
A high energy extruded sweetfeed. Suitable for racing or heavy workloads.

EasiPrep Concentrate

Breeding/Growing and working horse feeds: Extruded Sweetfeed
High quality sweetfeed for show and sale preparation.


Extruded cube
A great value extruded feed. Ideal for competition or higher workloads. Bigger bag at 25kg makes it a cost effective option per kilogram. It includes top quality protein for topline, and vitamins and minerals when fed at recommended rates.


Working horse feeds: Extruded Sweetfeed
A yummy working horse feed. Great for competitions and harder workloads and horses that are fussy.


Working horse feeds: Pellet
An economical solution for feeding working horses that require a maintenance feed. Ideal for pony club, hacking, reasonable doers and lighter work.


Breeding, growing and working horse feeds: Fibre Pellet
Grain free complete feed for horses that require a no grain/low sugar diet. Great for horses with laminitis, ulcers, tying up issues or hyperactivity.

Elite 300

Balancer Pellet
A concentrated vitamin and mineral balancer pellet. Very low feeding rate.

Four Old Timer

Old horse feeds: Extruded Sweetfeed
A yummy old horse feed to help hold weight and give them all the nutrition they need in their twilight years.


Amino acids, omega oils and organic minerals for glossy coats and strong hooves.


Extruded cube
Extruded barley and full fat soybean providing calories and protein in one. Saves boiling barley.


Extruded full fat soybean. Low feeding rate to build muscle and for glossy coats.

Racing Cube

Extruded cube
A high energy racing cube. Available In 500kg bulk bags on order.


High calorie rice bran and soybean based pellet to build topline and condition. An add-in on top of a good base feed.


Racing concentrate
A racing concentrate designed to be fed at 1.5 -2kg with oats or extruded grains added on top if more condition and energy is required. Ideal for racehorse trainers that also want to feed oats.